Bento Single Page App Templates

A bit more than snippets, a bit less than a full blown UI library. This is for the people who need a quick online presence, a simple link-in-bio page, etc.

Why do we need this collection? First, I believe my design intuition is quite good. Second, I haven't really been able to find good and free UI or template collections that use both Tailwind and Framer Motion. Tailwind's own animation utility classes are very limited, and all the Framer Motion examples online are for Framer, the website builder, not Framer Motion, the animation library.

Bento Portfolio Page

This template makes use of a wonderful combination of dark forest and pine colors along with cool grays. It is geared towards designers and developers who want to show a snapshot of their skills and work while providing links to their other professional platforms.

This template is licensed under the
MIT License
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Bento Link In Bio Page

This template uses a combination of cool grays and a bright blue to give a clean, professional, and technical look. The use of different font widths helps in highlighting important content.

This template is licensed under the
GNU General Public License v3.0
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